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Nutritional Medicine
Initial consultation
With Maria Pilli


60 minutes—Initial consultation is to document a full
medical history.  Generally includes: nutritional, lifestyle and medicinal advice.  Does not include any medication dispensed. 

Nutritional Medicine
Review consultation
With Maria Pilli


30 minutes —this is usually scheduled for 1 month after the first visit.  Health insurance rebates if cover includes natural medicine.

Full Body Massage
With Carlo Taranto


90 minutes—Full body massage - includes back of body, front and back of legs, feet, shoulders, stomach, arms, hands and head.

Carlo’s signature Triple Treatment


60 minutes—3 modalities delivered at the same time:

  • Reiki
  • Massage therapy and
  • PEMF

Massage Therapy
With Carlo Taranto


60 minutes—massage therapy includes: back of body, back of legs, feet and shoulders (optional cupping/triggerpoint included)

PEMF Therapy
With Carlo Taranto or
Maria Pilli


30 minutes approximately
Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy with optional
audio and color therapy.
(Packages available for chronic conditions)

Ear Candling
With Carlo Taranto, Maria Pilli


45 minutes—Ear candling to both ears includes the cost of the candles.

Reiki Treatment
With Carlo Taranto  or Maria Pilli


30 minute treatment—Energy healing and
chakra balance

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