We offer a great range of Natural Health products.  If we dont have what you want, we will do our best to find it!

Natural beauty products including lipstick, nail polishes and chemical free mascara's.
  • Australian Healing Clay
    BENTONITE CLAY is of the smectite class of clay, a swelling clay, that has been highly valued by many traditional cultures across the world. Intrinsically woven into their daily practices and rituals some of the cultures include Australian Aborigines, American Indians, Andean natives, ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Our Australian clays are active that promote and support healthy skin and general well being. There are literally hundreds of different types of clay around the world and each deposit is unique. Common applications range from facials and body wraps to complete immersion in a clay bath. Foot baths, foot wraps and topical applications targeting specific areas are also growing in popularity.
  • Bee Natural Skincare
    Bee Natural started in 1992 at the Byron Bay markets with local honey & skin care. The mission to always bring the best of nature into a high quality and affordable range has seen Bee Natural grow over more than 25 years to be sold in health food stores and specialist honey outlets as far afield as New York & Hong Kong.
  • Couleur Caramel Cosmetics
    THE REFERENCE NATURAL AND ORGANIC BRAND Couleur Caramel’s charter for a sustainable development requires a commitment with oneself. It is a responsible and achievable commitment, a vision of today’s world that positively influences the world of tomorrow, in other words, a call to common sense.
  • Halcyon Health
    Our in house range of skincare products that are of the highest quality.
  • Herbatint Hair Colors
    Herbatint is the permanent ammonia-free colouring, containing 8 organic herbal extracts, which covers 100% of grey hair for a natural and intense result that is rich in highlights. Your hair regains brightness and vitality, and is immediately healthier and naturally beautiful.
    AU$ 21.95
  • Herbatint Haircare
  • Karen Murrell
    All natural ingredients, long-lasting, a creamy and smooth application. Nourishing for lips. Biodegradable packaging(PLA).
    AU$ 32.00

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