REPLENISH Hemp Moisturiser

REPLENISH Hemp Moisturiser
Replenish Hemp Moisturiser Gives The Skin’s Appearance An Instant Lift. Support Sustainable Hemp Skincare & Try Our Organic Moisturiser Today.
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Our Organic Moisturiser is designed to complement our REJUVENATE Serum and use immediately after the Serum. REJUVINATE Moisturiser helps to lock in and amplify the bioactive properties delivered by the Serum and native Australian extracts. Pracaxi and Shea soften and hydrate to allow all-day moisture and protection for the skin.

Replenish Moisturiser gives the skin’s appearance an instant lift and prevents evaporative loss of the bioactives ensuring time for the deeper layers of skin cells to fully absorb and benefit from the symphony of nutrients contained in these two powerful products. Like all our organic skincare, REPLENISH is Australian Certified Organic.

Weight (Kg) L (cm) W (cm) Diameter (cm)
0.1 9.5 4.8
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