Nutritional Medicine
Initial consultation
With Maria Pilli


60 minutes—Initial consultation is to document a full
medical history.  Generally includes: nutritional, lifestyle and medicinal advice.  Does not include any medication dispensed. 

Nutritional Medicine
Review consultation
With Maria Pilli


30 minutes —this is usually scheduled for 1 month after the first visit.  

Naturopathy Discovery session

With Maria Pilli


15 minutes - Meet Maria and understand what she can offer you in your journey towards better health.

Full Body Massage
With Carlo Taranto


90 minutes—Full body massage - includes back of body, front and back of legs, feet, shoulders, stomach, arms, hands and head.

Carlo’s signature Triple Treatment


60 minutes—3 modalities delivered at the same time:

  • Reiki
  • Massage therapy and
  • PEMF

Massage Therapy
With Carlo Taranto


60 minutes—massage therapy includes: back of body, back of legs, feet and shoulders (optional cupping/triggerpoint included)

PEMF Therapy
With Carlo Taranto/ Maria Pilli


30 minutes approximately
Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy with optional
audio and color therapy.
(Packages available for chronic conditions)

Ear Candling
With Carlo Taranto/ Maria Pilli


45 minutes—Ear candling to both ears includes the cost of the candles.

Reiki Treatment
With Carlo Taranto/ Maria Pilli


30 minute treatment—Energy healing and
chakra balance, includes the use of crystals and tibetan chakra bowls, finished with a white sage clearing.

Meditation & Mindfulness

With Michelle Gatt


60 minute consultation learning how to apply Mindfulness Practice daily.  Experience a peaceful meditation and take home new skills to improve your life on many levels.