Springfields Ultrasonic Diffuser

Springfields Ultrasonic Diffuser
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A safe, convenient, heat-free method of dispersing essential oils.

Springfields Ultrasonic Diffuser retains the integrity and purity of essential oils by using ultra sonic vibration, rather than heat, to dispense the therapeutic and ambient benefits of aromatherapy. It works by breaking essential oil molecules down into micro molecules and then diffuses them into the air as negative ions; helping to purify the air. Once the essential oil molecules are dispersed into the atmosphere, they are easily inhaled and absorbed, infusing the room with a pleasant, naturally healthy aroma. Springfields Ultrasonic Diffuser is a safe, easy way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. It stays cool to the touch, so it is safe for the entire family, and suitable for use in children’s bedrooms.   To use, simply add to 6 -10 drops of your chosen essential oil or essential oil blend to the water chamber of the Ultrasonic Diffuser, and press the ‘ON’ switch to instantly infuse your space with aromatic mist.

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